Short Guide to Mass Marketing

Mass marketing explained

These days, with so many brands using clever advertising to sell us products and services, consumers are presented with a plethora of options to choose from when making a buying decision. Mass marketing capitalizes on this as well as the size of the market they advertise to.

The advantages of mass marketing

One of the biggest advantages mass marketing has is the scope and cost-efficiency of advertising on a much larger scale than smaller business marketing strategies. When a company uses mass marketing, every single advertisement that they deploy is sent across a variety of channels (such as print media, social media, and broadcasting) and has the potential to reach thousands or even millions of customers. By sending these ads out through as many channels as possible, their message is received in one single ad push and can save the company a slice of their budget.

Because companies that utilize mass marketing are pushing their product or service with such force, the production of their product becomes cheaper when compared to companies that produce products for a smaller, more targeted audience.

Think of bulk buying. Because you buy so much of a product, the cost is discounted. Companies that use mass marketing experience the same thing.

Another advantage of using this marketing technique is the increase in brand awareness.

The disadvantages of mass marketing

The major disadvantage of using mass marketing is that it puts all of your eggs in one basket. Although mass marketing can be hugely successful for large companies, changes in the market can and often do happen and can leave smaller to mid-size companies vulnerable to the effects.

The more obvious disadvantage is that mass marketing aims to please everyone in a large market with a singular product or service and can be challenged by other companies who are targeting smaller groups to serve them better. Many consumers are growing tired of the “one size fits all” approach and are starting to specialize their searches when considering which product to purchase.

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